Through the years we have focused on building a team of quality people and systems to better provide to us what we need as property owners. The result is a company and team that we are proud of.

Sia Madani
Principal & Co-Founder

Sia is the co-founder and President at Madison Investments. His primary focus is on acquisition and financing. Sia holds a Masters in Securities Law and Financial Regulation (LLM) from Georgetown University.

In 2000, Sia also co-founded Lyon Bakery based in Southwest Washington, DC. Today, Lyon Bakery has over 150 Employees and supplies bread to over 1,200 local eating establishments.

Barry Madani
Principal & Co-Founder

Barry’s focus is on the day to day operations of the business and ensuring that all departments are achieving the set goals and objectives of the business.

He holds a BSc in Engineering and Business Management (BSc) from Greenwich University (UK).

Barry also founded MACS Consultants, a leading marketing consultancy and services company based in Dubai whose clients include Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi International, Kellogg’s and Philip Morris.

Dale Denton
Principal & Co-Founder

Dale moved to Washington, DC in 1971 right after graduating from Elon College. Dale formerly owned and operated the largest residential brokerage in DC with over 500 agents. The 1990 recession all but destroyed his business.

In 2014 Sia Madani (son-in-law) convinced him to come back to the real estate world and help launch SOLID Properties. It struck a chord given Dale’s passion to give back and within two weeks he had returned to DC and was learning a new side of the real estate business.

Areum Joo

As Controller, Areum manages the company’s day-to-day accounting functions and financial reporting for the company from acquisition through stabilization.

Areum holds a BS from Towson University and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

Kevin Hamilton
Project Manager

Kevin leads all project-based initiatives that require careful planning pricing and execution. These are critical to being managed well as they often require multiple subcontractors as well as designers and suppliers. Kevin’s role alleviates these special projects from the Property managers so that they can focus on the tasks that help keep our communities going and our residents and owners happy.

Tam Chinh
Senior Accountant

Tam Chinh manages the day-to-day financial activities with a focus on project reporting and reconciliation. Gamble, Pepsi International, Kellogg’s and Philip Morris.

Rachel Edwards
Staff Accountant

Rachel is a rockstar member of the Solid Team and undertakes a number of lead and support roles within the accounting department.

Arman Hekmat

Arman oversees all marketing and community outreach across all business departments.

By coordinating with PR and design agencies as well as overseeing the production of all marketing media, Arman ensures that all efforts meet the goals of the company. Arman is a key player who ensures that every event or moment is correctly capitalized and Madison’s brand equity in the market enhanced and preserved.