About Us


Founded on family.

Founded in 2012, SOLID Properties is a subsidiary of Madison Investments. SOLID takes the Madison method and ethics and applies them to the work force housing market segment in the District of Columbia.

SOLID Properties was formed with a focus on providing long-term quality, affordable and sustainable workforce housing for the Washington metro area.

Founded in 2012 by Sia Madani, Barry Madani, and Dale Denton, SOLID Properties has been acquiring properties that are either neglected or mismanaged and reinventing them through both renovation and value add opportunities. By implementing the “SOLID Properties Management team-up” and using a hands-on approach to ownership SOLID Properties makes acquisitions only with a long term view, which in turn translates to better care and upkeep of the burgeoning portfolio of assets.

SOLID is a family owned and operated firm that continues to grow through the acquisition and development of affordable housing with a focus on sustainability.

SOLID Properties & Madison Investments currently owns multiple properties throughout the Washington, DC area. All properties are managed through SOLID Properties Management (SPM) which is dedicated solely to the SOLID Portfolio.

SOLID assets are comprised of improved, gut renovated and new construction projects. Madison Investments is also currently developing multiple ground up condo projects in the city.


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